“A rare disease is a life-threatening or chronically debilitating disease that affects five people or fewer in 10,000”

What are Orphan Drugs? Orphan Medications are medications intended for diagnosis, prevention or treatment of chronic life-threatening or very serious diseases or disorders that are rare, often referred to as a “Chronic Rare Disease.” Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy has implemented different interventions to determine the effectiveness of various engagement strategies with key stakeholders to ensure the patients attain the best health outcomes. Our patient program includes personalized health management, training and development of patient support services, delivering education and local awareness of managing conditions.

Rx Connect support service provides answers to questions about all types of rare diseases. Rx Connect will act as administrators to support special authorizations, diagnostic coordination, infusion administration, injection training, and scheduling, to ensure our patients have access to specialty medication(s) and education.

  • Counselling services
  • Education & Resources
  • Personalize Care Programs
  • One Point of Contact
  • Healthcare Management
  • Practical Assistance
  • Support Network