Rx Connect provides direct communication with all prescribers to complete patient enrolment into any Patient Support Program. Our Pharmacy staff have extensive experience with supporting and coordinating specialty medication enrolment via ONE EXPRESSTM. ONE EXPRESSTM acts as a central repository, connecting prescribers directly with all services for patients from patient registration, to expanded medication therapy management, including medication reconciliation, regular patient engagement and motivational interviewing to identify and overcoming obstacles to adherence. Rx Connect establishes a bridge between the Patient, Prescriber, Pharmacist, Nurse and healthcare Professionals directly with their Patient Support Program. We have implemented several programs that will complement patient-centered support for non-complex and complex specialty management. ONE EXPRESSTM is a rapid enrolment process that does not delay chronic condition management and ensures patient is on their medication as soon as possible. This will help keep patients adherent to therapy to enhance and improve therapeutic and health outcomes.

Utilize our ONE EXPRESSTM service to expedite your access to medications. ONE EXPRESSTM centralizes all patient management by providing the most rapid support services within the industry from enrolment to reimbursement to patient health management. ONE EXPRESSTM goal is to provide the most hassle free experience for our physicians and a seamless journey for our patient’s healthcare management.

Our MY CARE patient support service provides real time data for all prescribers relative to a patient’s therapy management. Prescribers have the opportunity to review patient data specifically focusing on:

  • Adherence
  • Emotional State
  • Medication History
  • Patients Health Connect Team
  • Psychological Well-Being
  • Rx Assist Management

We comprehend that prescribers can be very busy, MY CARE alleviates any burden by providing a direct report to the Patients’ healthcare Professional. This is efficiently and securely supported by MY CARE!


Rx Assist is a useful tool that enhances our ability expedite your prescription services. Our pharmacy team will support and manage your prescription refills, prescription renewals or reauthorizations, make any payments electronically and coordinate any transfers. Let our Pharmacy team assist with coordinating your prescription services.

Together, our healthcare Professionals provide Holistic support to assist patients and families with managing chronic disease ailment(s). Rx Connect specialist will assist each and every patient by developing a patient specific “healthcare Management Packaged” to achieve the best health outcomes for our patients. Our “Patient Centered Team” provides direct accessibility nationally through our partnered healthcare team.