Ranvir Rai

Founder and President of Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy

Ranvir Rai is the Founder and President of Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy, bringing over 20 years of experience as a Pharmacist, with extensive experience in Hospital, Community and Specialty Pharmacy. Ranvir has a wealth of knowledge leading major strategic services that maximize and secure the best outcomes for both patients and key stakeholders. He is passionate about driving forward innovative changes, to enhance patient experience with specialty medications.

Ranvir Rai’s portfolio includes robust experience within the Specialty Pharmacy industry:

  • Previous Director of Pharmacy, whereby he nationally expanded the Specialty Pharmacy operations
  • Extensive involvement with Physician and key stakeholder relations
  • Developed, planned, and marketed acquisitions of sterile compounding facilities
  • Involved with the launch and transition of multiple Patient Support Programs
  • Consulted on Specialty Pharmacy for multiple drug manufacturers in North America
  • Engaged with various government bodies and other health institutions, on a variety of specialty projects
  • Committee member with the Neighborhood Pharmacy Association of Canada.

Ranvir has a strong passion and ongoing commitment to continuously improve the Specialty Pharmacy industry, by ensuring the provision of safe clinical pharmacy services, delivery of excellent outcomes and fostering an atmosphere that provides a tailored experience for patients, their families, caregivers, and key stakeholders. He enjoys educating, mentoring, and encouraging the development of his team. He challenges his team to think outside the box, to find unique ways to ensure the patients we service receive the best possible experience and outcomes. Ranvir is a dedicated and passionate leader with an outstanding sense of humour, that brings out the best in everyone that surrounds him. He leads by example, exudes passion for the healthcare system overall, and there is rarely a moment whereby you won’t find him mapping out the next project or process to better the experience for all patients.

Emily Nguyen

Specialty Navigation Manager
Responsible for the implementation and launch of Pharmacy processes, integrated strategies and reimbursement services

Emily has been involved in the specialty industry for several years and brings an extensive experience as a Pharmacy Assistant, licensed Pharmacy Technician and a Reimbursement Specialist. After successfully obtaining her Pharmacy Technician license, she utilized her experience and launched the first integrated reimbursement service model at Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy. She has been instrumental in expediting patient access to specialty medications, rapid reimbursement services and maintaining continuity of care for all services.

Emily’s experience in Specialty Pharmacy, Reimbursement and Insurance claim processing, allows her to excel as an expert in area of drug coverage navigation and patient care. Her knowledge, in combination with her sincere patient centric mindset, ensures a seamless patient journey and timely access to specialty medications, while removing the burden from patients and navigating all potential coverage options.