Ranvir Rai

Founder and President of Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy

Ranvir Rai is the Founder and President of Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy, bringing over 20 years of experience as a Pharmacist, with extensive experience in Hospital, Community and Specialty Pharmacy. Ranvir has a wealth of knowledge leading major strategic services that maximize and secure the best outcomes for both patients and key stakeholders. He is passionate about driving forward innovative changes, to enhance patient experience with specialty medications.

Ranvir Rai’s portfolio includes robust experience within the Specialty Pharmacy industry:

  • Previous Director of Pharmacy, whereby he nationally expanded the Specialty Pharmacy operations
  • Extensive involvement with Physician and key stakeholder relations
  • Developed, planned, and marketed acquisitions of sterile compounding facilities
  • Involved with the launch and transition of multiple Patient Support Programs
  • Consulted on Specialty Pharmacy for multiple drug manufacturers in North America
  • Engaged with various government bodies and other health institutions, on a variety of specialty projects
  • Committee member with the Neighborhood Pharmacy Association of Canada.

Ranvir has a strong passion and ongoing commitment to continuously improve the Specialty Pharmacy industry, by ensuring the provision of safe clinical pharmacy services, delivery of excellent outcomes and fostering an atmosphere that provides a tailored experience for patients, their families, caregivers, and key stakeholders. He enjoys educating, mentoring, and encouraging the development of his team. He challenges his team to think outside the box, to find unique ways to ensure the patients we service receive the best possible experience and outcomes. Ranvir is a dedicated and passionate leader with an outstanding sense of humour, that brings out the best in everyone that surrounds him. He leads by example, exudes passion for the healthcare system overall, and there is rarely a moment whereby you won’t find him mapping out the next project or process to better the experience for all patients.

Nadia Sutcliffe

Director of Specialty Pharmacy Operations

Nadia Sutcliffe is the Director of Specialty Pharmacy Operations at Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy. As a dedicated career pharmacist with over 29 years of professional experience in the field of pharmacy, Nadia offers a wealth of knowledge and skill to her profession. Her work has spanned community-based pharmacy, pharmacy management, the regulation of the pharmacy profession and education of pharmacy professionals.  

Over the past 15 years, Nadia has worked in the regulatory sector of the pharmacy profession.  She was responsible for assessing pharmacy operations for compliance to standards, policies and guidelines.  She mentored pharmacists and pharmacy technicians evaluating their practice and providing guidance on improvement.  She has also specialized in the assessment of pharmacies that engage in sterile compounding.


In addition to her work with the College, Nadia has been involved in the education and training of pharmacy students as a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto on the topic of jurisprudence.  She also worked as a facilitator with the International Pharmacy Graduate Program at the University of Toronto coaching and evaluating the students’ patient counselling skills

Continually striving to contribute in a meaningful way to the health of the community, Nadia has most recently served as a community immunizer at Covid-19 immunization clinics in the Region of Peel.  

With a strong passion and dedication to delivering high quality care, Nadia is a key team player, leader and mentor who provides action-oriented solutions to provide the best patient care experience.  

Nadia is highly motivated to deliver a high standard of patient care in Ontario as noted through her varied positions and special interests related to the field of pharmacy. Specifically, she has been involved with: 

  • Coaching and mentoring pharmacists to meet and exceed professional standards through implementation of policies and procedures.
  • Maintaining a high level of patient care and the safety of the public
  • Educating, evaluating, and ensuring compliance with NAPRA standards for both sterile and non-sterile compounding 
  • Specializing in Pharmacy regulatory affairs, standards of Practice, ethical guidelines and jurisprudence

Mukul Kulkarni​

Senior Manager of Human Resources

Mukul Kulkarni is the Senior Manager of Human Resources within Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy bringing over 14 years of Human resource experience from various industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and healthcare sector. Mukul brings wealth of knowledge and experience in different areas of HR which includes Organizational Development, Talent Acquisition, Total rewards, Employee Engagement, HR Analytics, Performance Management, Health & Safety, Organization Design, Employee Relations, Learning & Development Programs and HR systems.

Mukul is a visionary and competent professional with a strong organizational skills and experience in Human Resources. 

  • Proven experience in leading various HR projects related to developing HR systems and processes for small and large organizations. 
  • Experience in working collaboratively with business leaders to create “People Strategy” and workforce plans to support the alignment and achievement of an organization’s vision.
  • Well Versed in interpreting, applying, and communicating employment legislation. 
  • Specialize in partnering with the Leadership Team to accurately identify Talent acquisition needs and create effective sourcing strategies to generate a diverse pipeline of qualified candidates
  • Seasoned professional in designing developing and implementing various employee development & engagement initiatives.
  • Expert in coaching and mentoring manager and employees in all the areas of employee life cycle.
  • Holds master’s in business administration with Human Resource specialization and a Certified Human Resource professional (CHRP).

Kristina Giancola​

Senior Manager of Strategic Partnership and Reimbursement Services

Kristina has been involved in the Pharmaceutical patient support industry for +10 years and has extensive experience in logistics and played a key part in launching a 3PL Distribution center in Montreal, Quebec. She holds a degree in International Business which has enhanced her communication style, business process, networking and the ability to seek relations and hold relationships with vendors, clients, patients and Physicians.

Kristina has been an anchor for her previous programs/launches with her patient centric approach, unyielding devotion and passion. Kristina has a proven track record of building positive relationships with clients, health care professionals, insurance providers and pharmaceutical representatives.

She is experienced in Launching new drugs by utilizing critical thinking and effective communication skills to solve problems during irregular situations by using a combination of perception, planning, listening and empathy. Kristina continues to be a Top – Performing experienced field reimbursement representative, with a proven record of achievement and success in driving multi million-dollar growth in the bio-pharmaceutical sector.

Kristina has always placed herself at the heart of the health care system by acting as a liaison between different actors in the industry. 
  • Contributed to attaining company goals by using strong organizational skills, genuine passion for professional excellence, timed management abilities and work ethic.
  • Bilingual (strong written and verbal communication skills) extensive experience on developing training material on reimbursement and ensuring staff members adhere to the process flows, SOPs and work instructions.
  • Coordinated routine communications with clients, staff, internal departments and contractors.
  • Excels in development and maintenance of complex, client-driven reimbursement programs in highly competitive markets.
  • Specialize in working with commercial and government payer reimbursement, claim denial management and patient access to pharmaceutical drugs on the market.