Do you have a Pet that requires medication?

Do you have pets? Rx Connect not only supports patients with specialty and chronic rare conditions but offers the same range of services relating to your pets health. Our services include dispensing prescription medicines, checking the prescription for errors, monitoring prescribed and OTC medicines for potentially harmful interactions, and providing general advice about your pets medications. Rx Connect Pharmacists will collaborate with your Veterinarian to ensure the treatment plan provided for your pet is working in a safe and effective manner.

The range of animal medicines is constantly evolving. If there is a particular specialty medication that is required for your pet, let us know and we make every effort to obtain it for you.

Specialty Animal Medications

Rx Connect dispenses veterinary medicines approved for sale in Canada. Our Specialty team will assist and support your pet receiving the medication.

Rapid Delivery Service

Our goal is to have your medication at your doorstep within 24 hours once the request is received.

PET care you can Trust

Our staff are healthcare professionals that are dedicated to providing superior care and make sure your Pet receives the medication when needed.