Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy provides education, resources and support services, to assist you in managing your healthcare

As a patient of Rx Connect, you will have access to our pharmacy team and resources, to manage your chronic disease. Our Pharmacy team will help guide you in handling your complicated medication regime, with access to multiple resources that are disease specific.

Dealing with complicated medications is not easy, let us manage and guide you through your journey. Our goal is to individualize your therapeutic experience and offer the highest possible quality of care, counseling, education, reviewing all possible drug interactions, handling and managing specialty medications “Rx Assist” and providing rapid access to your medications.

Rx Connect manages and handles high cost medications that are not readily accessible through community or retail pharmacies. Our goal is to ensure that we utilize all avenues so that our patients can gain access to complex medications. Rx Connect is comprised of pharmacy experts, available online via “Ask your Pharmacist” that will act as advocates to coordinate financial support, approval of any prior or special authorizations and establish a healthcare plan with our Holistic Centre.

Our Pharmacy team will provide guidance to simplify your access to care. We have established multiple services to assist in attaining your healthcare goals and eliminate any burdens during your treatment.

Reach out to our team and let us assist in developing a healthcare management package, individualized specifically for you.


Our patient(s) safety and well-being is our greatest concern, we employ our quality control criteria to ensure our patients receive the best healthcare service possible.


Utilize our ONE EXPRESSTM program to expedite access to specialty medications. ONE EXPRESSTM centralizes all patient enrolment by providing the most rapid support services within the industry, from enrolment to reimbursement coordination.


Rx Assist is a useful tool that enhances our ability expedite your prescription services. Our pharmacy team will support and manage your prescription refills.


Our patients have access to their complete and secure medication history.


Rx Connect offers free delivery services for all prescriptions, with the option to utilize any courier(s). We maintain a high level of quality assurance during our door to door delivery service for all our patients.


Our Pharmacy team is available to address and rectify any concerns our patients may have. Our patients also have the luxury to schedule a one on one consultation with our pharmacist or a member of our healthcare interdisciplinary team.