At Rx Connect we make every effort for our patient(s) to utilize our services for rapid and efficient access to Holistic Care. Rx Connect is comprised of healthcare Professionals with extensive clinical experience, disease specific resources, dedicated reimbursement navigators, financial coordinators and support via our integrated healthcare management team.

Rx Connect offers all physicians’ access to ONE EXPRESSTM, central coordination and enrolment point for all patients. ONE EXPRESSTM strives to assist each and every physician by centralizing enrolment electronically in order to expedite services. ONE EXPRESSTM also allows physicians to monitor and track their patient’s adherence via “MY CARE” and review each patient’s emotional and psychological well-being. This can all be managed via the physician portal to review all metrics and Key Performance Indicators that are specific to your patient and disease state.

Rx Connects goal is to take care of your patients and eliminate any burden that is time consuming or delays patient therapy. We collaborate with healthcare Professionals to monitor adherence, provide disease specific support programs, coordination of diagnostic services, register with our Holistic Center, education, high touch patient assistance and motivational interviewing.

Let us advocate on your behalf and create a patient journey that guarantees 100% satisfaction for our patients!!!

High Touch Point

Rx Connect utilizes patient specific health case management systems to establish a high-touch point. Our Pharmacy systems provide a very comprehensive and detailed oriented patient support systems that addresses:

  • Drug Interactions
  • Adverse Event Management
  • Clinical Education and Resources
  • Collaboration with Associations
  • Holistic Support

Financial Assistance

Rx Connect has dedicated staff that will collaborate with your insurance company and Patient Support Programs to eliminate the burden and ensure patients attain the required therapy. Rx Connect reimbursement navigators work assertively on your behalf to determine:

  • Coverage Status
  • Deferred Status
  • Special Authorizations(s) Status
  • Financial Assistance Status
One Express

One touch point for al patient support services! Utilize our ONE EXPRESSTM service to expedite patient enrolment and rapid access to specialty medications. ONE EXPRESSTM centralizes all patient management by providing the most rapid support services within the industry from enrolment to reimbursement to patient health management. ONE EXPRESSTM goal is to provide the most hassle free experience for our physicians and a seamless journey for our patient’s healthcare management.

  • Adherence Report
  • Clinic Calendar
  • Patient Report
  • E-Rx
  • Psychological Well-Being Report

Our MY CARE patient support service provides real time data for all prescribers relative to a patient’s therapy management. Prescribers have the opportunity to review patient data specifically focusing on:

  • Adherence
  • Emotional State
  • Medication History
  • Patients Health Connect Team
  • Psychological Well-Being
  • Rx Assist Management

We comprehend that prescribers can be very busy, MY CARE alleviates any burden by providing a direct report to the Patients’ healthcare Professional. This is efficiently and securely supported by MY CARE!

Doctor diagnose patient symptoms at the hospital

Special Authorization Support

Rx Connect reimbursement navigators support with completing all insurance document’s necessary for medication approval. Rx connects manages and supports prescribers with all administrative needs in order to expedite the approval process. Our Navigators will assist with:

  • Administrative Support
  • Appeal Support
  • Electronic SA Submission
  • Special Authorization

Let our experts expedite the submission process to ensure your patients can receive medications rapidly.

Ask an Online Pharmacist

For a rapid response our pharmacist is available directly online to address any questions or issues that need to be communicated immediately with no delay for patient care. At the touch of a button our pharmacist(s) will be available for you!!!