One step care with your personalized interdisciplinary care team!

Health Connect assists patients and families with managing chronic disease ailments to achieve the best health outcomes for our patients. Rx Connect Specialty Pharmacy plays a vital role towards establishing a holistic care team for patient self-management to improve patient care and health outcomes. Together, our holistic team collaborates by treating the patient emotionally, nutritionally, physically and psychologically, this holistic approach helps to ensure Continuity of Care. Health Connects interdisciplinary care team is comprised of health professionals with extensive knowledge on specialty medications. Our team members share common health goals in assessing, planning, or evaluating patient care. This is accomplished through:

  • Evidence based medication management
  • Interdependent collaboration
  • Implementation and review of care plans
  • In-person or virtual motivational interviewing
  • Initial and ongoing assessment of patient health status and needs
  • Facilitation and coordination of services
  • Open Communication
  • Shared Decision Making

Our Health Connect model is catered towards each patient, drug, disease state, Physician(s), Stakeholder(s) and Patient Support Programs. Our Specialty team will manage and coordinate an individualized healthcare management plan, if you’d like to register your patient(s) feel free to connect with our Pharmacist.